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Colon cleansing will help the body rid itself of impuries and a lot of unwanted waste that has built up inside the body. When you cleanse the body you start to feel more energetic, lighter,  your going to sleep better, you will see the diffrence in your skin, eyes, your nails and your just going to feel better.

When you incorporate cleansing as part of lifestyle you will find that your immune system will strengthen so your body can fight off any disease (cancer, lupus, blood high pressure, arthritis, inflammation, helps with pain and diabeties).People have no clue how important it is to keep your colon clean. Your colon is your garbage disposal, you would never leave garbage sitting in your kitchen for 2 weeks yet we leave garbage sitting inside us for years and wonder why we have a disease. We take showers and bathe everyday sometimes twice a day but we never think about cleansing our insides. Everybody needs to do some type of cleanse if you want to be healthy.

We here at Internal Cleansing & Healing Center specialize in a deep internal cleanse where we guarantee you are going to feel better when you leave our office then when you first came in.We have the latest equipment in the industry and the newest technology that helps the body  heal itself. The thing about it is, this technology really works.We have helped thousands of clients get healthy througth this technology. This technology is called energy therapy and we offer it here at Internal Cleansing & Healing Center. We also offer Ionic Foot Detox techology, that detox's every cell in the body from head to toe. Everything we do at Internal Cleansing & Healing Center we clean to the celler level, we get you healthy from the inside out. That is our mission to help our clients strengthen their immune systems so their bodies can fight off diseases and ailments like pain, arthritis, inflammation. We specialize in colonic therapy which helps the body rid itself of built up toxic waste and any infections as well as people with consipation problems and parasites. So if you suffer from any of these conditions you need to talk to us, because the future of health is here today and your health is our ultimate concern. 

We also have a weight loss program that is like no other.You are going to lose weight anyway when you do a colonic.You do not have to diet to lose weight you just have to change your eating habits and the times you eat. We can help you  because we have a Nutritional Consultant here also at Internal Cleansing & Healing Center. We are located at 9400 Two Notch Rd., Suite B, Columbia SC, 29223. We offer free consultation. Office number 803 462 0707, Cell 803 272 5788. Hope to help you soon have a healthy day. 

 Disclaimer: Internal Cleansing and Healing Center does not claim to cure or heal any disease or illness.


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